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Dui Icard

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DUI iCard is an iOS Education App developed by Peacekeeper Training Systems for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) US market.


DUI iCard is a mobile application designed for law enforcement field officers at all levels of experience that are employed in investigating impaired drivers.

DUI iCard is designed to assist officers in documenting DUI investigations from the initial contact of the driver, conducting the standardized field sobriety tests to the chemical test admonition and ending with the Mirandized statements.

When the officer begins the DUI investigation, the mobile app is started and assists in documenting the investigation through capture documents within the application. This includes a photo capture option that can be emailed to any email address when completed.

The DUI iCard includes these important features:
- The three validated tests that comply with NHTSA standards
- Includes pre-test questions and input fields
- Includes time stamps for the arrest, blood draw and Miranda warning
- Guidelines on administering each test properly per NHTSA
- email to any email address for future use

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